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3 Effective Ways to Hire the Best Human Resource Manager

For a small organisation or start-up, having an efficient team is important to promote business growth and perform day–to–day operations. Therefore, a solid HR foundation is crucial for small businesses to ensure that the workplace remains productive and business operations run smoothly. However, small organisations or start-ups usually don’t have enough resources and expertise to hire qualified HR teams.

Partnering with 24-7 Staff, one of the best HR recruitment agencies in India, help hire talented staff and manage them effectively. Our HR recruitment team offer the best cost-effective solutions which could help a business get a talented HR team in a limited time.

Key Steps to Find the Best HR Manager?

#1 Identify Your Needs

If your company deals with specific job roles, make sure you know what you’re looking for and consider what benefit your company will get after hiring for that position. Ensure you have a detailed discussion with the recruiter, so everyone involved in the process is aligned and understands what qualities you want in prospective candidates.

Recruitment is a multi-step process that requires various aspects to consider; that is why many business leaders consider hiring HR recruitment services. They help small organisations save time, money and effort while providing the best talent without conducting a long hiring process.

24-7 Staff, a leading staff recruiting agency in India, help find competent human resource managers. It has an experienced team that takes responsibility for staff- wellbeing, manages and establishes the right strategies and helps the company maintain its momentum.

#2 Create a Compelling Job Description

A well-written job description effectively helps in accelerating the hiring process. Posting the job description on candidate-driven job boards or sending it to the people around the network, including on social media, helps get a potential candidate. Try to write the job description as clear as possible and include an overview of relevant skills and required experience for the vacant post.

The job description prominently helps the recruiter ask the right interview questions. Here is the important point that will help build the job description.

Use Job Description Template: If you’re hiring for specific job roles, then using an online job description is a great way to understand the writing manner. It helps you determine what essential qualities to search for in the role of the HR manager.

Sort Job Duties as per Need: List some of the important soft skills that may require for the candidate as a part of the organisation, such as leadership quality, negotiation skills, conflict management, flexibility and analytical thinking.

#3 Embrace Different Sourcing Ways

There are many tactics a small business leader can adopt to fill the role of the HR manager. Below are a few sourcing methods.

Ask for referrals: Sending job descriptions to current employees and asking them if they have the right person in mind to fit the role is one of the cost-effective options to fill the skill gap in an organisation. This way, you could save organisations time and money while hiring the right candidates.

Take Help of Social Networking: Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and other online forums are a great way to target candidates and find the right candidate to fill the HR manager position. Moreover, you can post job openings on social media using hashtags to reach the right candidates.

Hire an HR recruitment Agency: As mentioned earlier, many small businesses can’t afford to hire staff or don’t have the time or resources to manage their recruitment drives. Choosing 24-7 Staff the best HR recruitment agencies in India is highly beneficial since they have access to pre-existing talent pools that can provide candidates in a specified time.

24 – 7 Staff – The Best HR Recruitment Agencies In India

Since its inception, we have been focused on providing the best-in-class talent at unmatched speed. Our experienced team use the right mix of innovative technology and human intelligence to help attract and hire the best-fit candidates who eventually contribute to both business goals and culture.

We are also recognised as the best IT support recruitment agency in India. We have a wide range of IT professionals who have expertise in the IT sector. We provide tailor-made recruitment solutions that effectively close the gap between your workforce gaps.

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