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5 Key Strategies to Recruit Top Accountants Amidst Global Skill Shortage

In today’s candidate short market, it is quite challenging for an employer to find the right talent. A candidate without proper finance skill is such a waste for a financing company. Therefore, employers are looking for ways to enhance their hiring efforts and retain employees.   

Partnering with 24-7 Staff, one of the leading accounting recruitment agencies in Delhi NCR, can help attract the most prospective candidate effectively. We specialize in providing top-quality professionals who are skilled for financing roles and can meet business demand in a rapidly changing financial economy.   

Below are five crucial ways suggested by the best recruitment agencies to revamp the recruiting processes for financial services.   

#1 Look for Diversity  

When hiring a prospective candidate for an accounting or financial role, make sure to look for diversity. Nowadays, everyone is talking about diversity because having a group with different genders, races, and beliefs can make an organization more successful by involving unique minds. In the same way, skills, experience and educational background make a business versatile.   

#2 Focus on Soft skills  

When hiring people for finance services, soft skills often get overlooked. Many people underestimate finance, and it is not just about the numbers. Finance or account professionals should be good communicators to tackle clients’ demands and be able to serve them effortlessly. Therefore, it is best to look for outstanding cultural fit candidates and efficient communicators, so their soft skills can bring more profit to the company.   

#3 Outsource Recruitment  

If you’re looking for immediate hiring and do not want to waste time and money on the recruitment process, seek help from the best recruitment agency in India.    

One of the greatest perks of partnering with a recruitment agency is having experience finding the right people in the right place at the right time. In general, the recruitment agency has a team of recruiters who have deep knowledge of the current financial market because they spend all their time within that network. Also, with the huge database of candidates, the agency hires the right people in a timely and cost-effective manner.  

Our 24-7 staff team can help you recruit mid to senior-level roles in financial services.   

#4 Connect via social networking  

With several social media platforms available these days, it is easy to utilize them for hiring procedures. One of the most efficient ways to reach modern candidates is by posting a job description on social networks like LinkedIn since suitable candidates are already there, looking for an opportunity.  

According to a survey, 6 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. Besides LinkedIn, promoting job roles on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are better ways to reach younger candidates.    

#5 Bring an employee referral program  

Employee referral hiring is the oldest and one of the popular recruitment techniques to get new talent. Numerous employers utilize this method to find new talent in a required period.  

If you’re a small finance firm, then consider an employee referral program by rewarding the organization’s present employees for their recommendations. This is the best way to improve efficiency and eliminate hefty recruitment prices because recruiters don’t require to spend on sourcing.   

To sum up, there is no denying that financial recruitment is hard because talent supply is short, and competition is fierce. This is why today’s finance employers need proactive recruitment strategies to attract the best candidates for financial jobs. Consider the above to find the best candidates in no time.

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24-7 Staff – One Stop Destination for All Hiring Needs

We are one of the best recruitment agencies in India that help employers improve their finance recruiting efforts by gaining access to highly skilled talents that will play key roles in the organization’s growth.   

Over the years, our talented recruiters have been catering to several industries and providing a thorough understanding of local market trends and needs. Whether you are a small IT industry, retail or sales business, and transporting business, we can help you find your next hire for the team.  

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