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Business Owners in DELHI NCR: Make your daily Work Processes Easier!

Delhi NCR is becoming a hub for new ideas in today’s era. It has been ruling the markets of Hospitality, Educational Institutions, FMCG, and many such industries, and now it is the birthplace for innumerable startups in India. Having such a vast number of companies in such varied sectors, it is obvious to have great competition. In this competitive race, business owners need the right people with the right skills to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. 

It is not an unknown fact that a company runs only because of its people. So, hiring the right candidate has been an area of concern for such businesses to stay ahead of the competition. But, hiring is a tedious task. Many business owners get stuck in this business segment, needing to hire the right one. This is because their in-house HR team has some setbacks, like,  

  • Limited Resources for getting access to all the potential sets of candidates.
  • Limited time to take extensive interviews.
  • Little skill set for choosing and screening candidates. Stuck in the vicious circle of wrong hires and re-hiring.

As a result, businesses of all sizes and industries use recruitment services to fill open positions. The staffing agencies ease the hiring process for various companies owing to the set procedures they follow, from laying out a detailed description of the vacancy to selecting the candidates.  

For example, a Company in the Hospitality sector will appoint a Hospitality Recruitment Agency in Delhi to meet its hiring needs. Similarly, an Educational Institution looks out for an Education Recruitment Consultant in Delhi. At the same time, the FMCG sector appoints an FMCG Recruitment Agency in Delhi NCR, and likewise, there are many specialized Recruitment Agencies for each of the sectors. Some good Staffing Agencies in Delhi NCR have industry-specific teams to help out different industries in their respective hiring schedules.  

Some industries have already switched from traditional recruitment to a more practical and affordable solution by partnering with a good HR Recruitment Agency in Delhi NCR. Such companies enjoy several benefits by assisting in the situations that almost all companies face.  

Reaching the Hiring Ceiling  

Many hospitality and FMCG companies in Delhi NCR often reach a hiring ceiling when they need help attracting candidates, even after putting in all efforts. In such cases, an experienced Hospitality Recruitment Agency in Delhi or FMCG Recruitment Agencies in Delhi NCR can assist them in speeding up their hiring process.  

They take complete ownership of the open positions at your organization while sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates at the preliminary stage before presenting them to your organization for detailed rounds of interviews.  

Hiring Highly Specialized Talents  

The Education Sector requires highly specialized talents with specific skills and experience. This sector is full of hard-to-find profiles, and hiring managers constantly need help finding the right candidate to fill the vacancy.  

Unless a proper hiring approach is implemented, finding candidates for niche industries becomes a challenging and cumbersome task,  An efficient Education Recruitment Consultant in Delhi brings in expert recruiters with industry-specific knowledge who drafts a job description along with your team and fills in the vacant position at your company with utmost ease because of the access to multiple job portals and a large pool of database.

The demand for new hires outweighs the Internal Recruiters’ Team  

For example, when companies in Hospitality, Educational, or FMCG sectors experience a sudden surge in growth, or new investors arrive, the company needs to recruit extensively and aggressively. The key here is to recruit quality staff at the right time.  The number of open positions an internal HR team can manage is significantly more than the demand, often falling out of their capabilities. As a result, the entire process deteriorates, adversely affecting the business.  

Delegating recruitment processes, to industry-specific partners, like Hospitality Recruitment Agencies in Delhi, Education Recruitment Consultants in Delhi, and FMCG Recruitment Agencies in Delhi NCR, respectively, helps the HR team meet the recruitment need without compromising the hiring process and the core business. 

This also results in shorter recruitment cycles. Also, most recruitment agencies guarantee a 3-month replacement if their new hire leaves within 90 days of joining.   The latest survey by global professional services firm Aon Plc has revealed that the first half of 2022 saw an attrition rate of 20.3% in India, a significant increase after the two-year Covid pandemic-induced lockdown.  

Owing to this increased attrition rate, our team at 24-7 Staff ensures that we minimize the burden for our clients of paying recruitment fees by offering a six months free replacement guarantee even when the company decides to terminate their employment of the new hire.  

Other Benefits of appointing a Recruitment Agency for your business are:  

  • Reduced costs in the long run.  
  • A staffing specialist saves time and increases ROI.  
  • Having the best candidate out of a vast talent network.  
  • They have industry-specific hiring experts who have deep insights into your industry  
  • You can save yourself from the cost and time of wrong hires with the free replacement policy of the Agencies.

Need a recruitment agency? Work with us today!  

24-7 Staff is one of the top recruiting agencies of Delhi NCR, with an industry-specific team of recruiters. Our expertise in Hospitality, Education, and FMCG sectors enables us to provide permanent staffing solutions, especially for C-Level hiring solutions to our clients.   

There are two primary reasons why companies choose us as their recruitment partner. Firstly, because of our six months extended support and replacement guarantee, and secondly, we offer customized hiring solutions to our clients looking for bulk hire. Additionally, we ensure each client has a dedicated recruiter assisted by the backend team.  

Contact us today if you have been struggling with your hiring process and to save costs while improving team productivity.  

Our Talent is Finding Yours! 

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