Internal Recruitment Or Outsourced Hiring

Internal Recruitment or Outsourced Hiring – Which is Better?

When it comes to recruitment, many companies or businesses find themselves stuck in a dilemma – internal vs. external recruitment.

On the one hand, internal recruitment is often seen as a ‘safe’ option. It’s known for being time-consuming and cumbersome, though it has been proven to be successful in the past.

On the other hand, external recruitment is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. But do you also get confused between these two and want to know which one is better?

The truth is, both the options have their own benefits, and it ultimately depends on the specific situation and needs of the organization. Keep reading this blog to understand internal vs. external recruitment better, as we have also mentioned the best digital marketing recruitment agency Delhi.


What is Internal Recruitment?

Internal recruitment can be defined as the process of hiring new employees by utilizing resources from within the organization for the hiring process. This involves having a dedicated recruitment resource or team to advertise jobs, contact candidates, schedule interviews and following through the new joiner’s on boarding process. Many MNCs nowadays also promote referrals.


What is External Recruitment?

External recruitment is defined as the process of Outsourcing the hiring process to a a recruitment agency. External recruitment is increasingly becoming a trend and preferred choice MNCs, startups as well as SMBs. External recruitment is often seen as the ‘quick’ option because it’s fast and efficient.


When Should You Use Internal vs. External Recruitment?

5 key factors to be considered when deciding which recruitment method to use

#1 The size and complexity of the organization

#2 The type of job being filled (e.g., entry-level, midlevel, senior level)

#3 The geographical location of the organization

#4 The availability of skills required for the job

#5 The budget available for recruitment

Internal recruitment is usually the preferable option when:

– The size and complexity of the organization are small

– The type of job being filled is entry-level or mid-level

– There are no specific skills required for the job – for example, a marketing position that does not involve customer service.

External recruitment is usually the preferable option when:

– The size and complexity of the organization make internal recruitment impractical

– The type of job being filled with complex or rare (e.g., engineering, digital marketing)

– The geographical location of the organization makes it difficult to find qualified candidates within the organization

Benefits of an External Recruitment Agency

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