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How to Keep Hospitality Staff from Leaving: 3 Best Retention Strategies

The Indian hospitality industry has seen dramatic growth in recent years. The thriving economy also offers the workforce an excellent opportunity to switch jobs, resulting the hospitality market experiencing a serious employee turnover rate.

There could be various reasons employees leave your organization, including lack of work satisfaction or availability of better opportunities in the sector. If you’re a hospitality business owner, it’s natural to expect your employees to stay with your company. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in employee retention strategies to keep the workforce happy and motivated so that they’ll stay with your business instead of leaving!

Employee retention starts with a robust recruiting process. Partnering with 24-7 Staff, a leading hospitality recruitment agency in Delhi helps reduce employee turnover by hiring the right candidates at right place at right cost. It also helps boost employee morale by providing a higher level of job satisfaction.


Why do Hospitality Staff Quit?

When your hospital staff don’t feel like they have a place to grow or opportunities to enhance their skills, they’ll likely look for other options.

Retaining staff is one of the challenging issues for most restaurants and hotel businesses since the annual turnover rate is staggering at 73%. This statistic shows only a quarter of the workforce will be working for your hotel and rest might not be there by the end of the year. Below are the prime reasons why hospitality staff quit often.

Poor Work-life Balance: Hotel or restaurant business staff spend more than 10-12 hours working; consequently, compromising on personal responsibilities. On the other hand, during peak hours the staffs have to sacrifice their festivals offs – which affects their personal life.

Unclear Expectations: An employee will likely exhaust and become unhappy with his job if it doesn’t align with his workability. Showing up in unexpected jobs can stress employees; as a result, 30% of job seekers usually leave their job within 90 days of starting. (Source – survey)

Low Pay: Although money can’t contribute to happiness, living with a small amount of money will result in a miserable life. The Indian hospitality sector has seen 44.6% growth in the 1st quarter of 2022, meaning there are more jobs than people. Therefore, companies need to stay competitive pay-wise if they want good staff to stay.

At 24-7 Staff, we put our values front and centre while recruiting qualified candidates. We understand our client’s expectations and integrate the essence of it into our recruitment process. In other words, our recruitment process aligns the organization’s values/mission/vision with the employee and finds ways to boost retention and engagement at every opportunity.


3 Best Hospitality Staff Retention Strategies

Retaining staff is crucial for business growth. Below are the deliberate actions that can help enhance the ability to hold onto valued workers:

#1 Prioritize a Balanced Work Life

The promotion of flexibility and work-life balance for every employee is an integral component of any employee retention strategy. A healthy balance between work and life prevents burnout, increases productivity, and improves job satisfaction – all essential aspects of a retention program. Here is how you can encourage healthy work-life balance.

Integrate flexible working policies.

Offer vacation time to reduce burnout risks proactively.

Enable employees to adjust their working hours so that they can balance personal priorities.

#2 Offer a Competitive Salary & Offerings

With the expansion of the hospitality sector in India, various options are available for employees to get desirable pay. For most employees, the only way to secure an adequate pay rise and keep up with increasing inflation is to leave their current job and join a firm offering higher pay scale and more competitive perks & benefits.

So, to ensure your employee stays with you, leverage a Hospitality Recruitment Agency in Delhi that proposes ways to make employees happy and provide more competitive compensation.

#3 Create Opportunities for Personal Development

If your hospitality staffs feel they can’t grow their skills in your organization, they’ll likely switch. Therefore, it is essential to provide opportunities of growth to your employees.

With the help of hiring experts, you can incorporate training programs and allow employees to learn new skills. Moreover, you can create new job roles that carry more responsibility in your company. Opportunities like these can enable current staffs to see the future in your hotel/restaurant.


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