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8 Recruitment Strategy Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There is no fixed process of making the recruitment process successful. However, implementing creative strategies can make it faster for recruiters. There are some common recruitment mistakes made by the employer. Knowing the obstacles and mistakes can help you rectify them or avoid them for effortless recruitment. We have offered global recruitment solutions to many different companies. Today, we are going throw light on some common mistakes made by recruiters, so that they can understand from our experience and can avoid them.

Not Describing the Job Accurately

Describe the job accurately as if you don’t, you are most likely to attract candidates that don’t suit your requirement. A good job description is more than just explaining the duties of the employee. It should describe the overall purpose and responsibilities, along with your other expectations like experience and qualification of the candidate.

Giving Candidates a Bad Experience

Make your candidate feel like you are making a sale. If you have got the high-quality lead, don’t wait for days to connect with them. Leave no stone unturned to impress your candidate and make them feel like working in your organization. If you keep your prospect candidate waiting at the time of the interview or replying them about the result, then you are at a loss.

Failing to Recruit from Within

Filling a post internally can save both your time and cost. Sometimes, you have the candidate in your existing data that suits the requirement, and many times an existing or ex-employee is the perfect fit for the role. If you promote or train your own employee, this will boost their morale and at the same time can benefit you.

Not Considering the Freelancers

Sometimes, we don’t require a full-time employee, as we don’t have much work to do. In such a scenario, you should go for a freelancer, even if you can afford a full-time employee. Freelancers are the perfect option for startups.

Taking Interview As the Only Method of Evaluation

Some HR managers rely too much on the interview. At the time of the interview, a candidate may say anything to grab the job, but when they actually face the challenge, they fail to perform. Senior Google executive said, “Most Interviews are a Waste of Time”. It is better that you give him/her an exercise or test to analyze their skills. 24-7 Staff, being a business management consulting recruitment agency help organization find the best candidates by examining their practical skills.

Not Considering Passive Candidates

There are 75 percent of people who are not actively looking for the job but would consider a job proposal if it is good enough. Ignoring these 75 percent means, losing the best talent for your organization. Recruiters should post the job vacancy on social media to attract such people.

Rushing in hiring

It is hard to find a perfect candidate, but this doesn’t mean that you hire anyone just for the sake of hiring. Analyze all the aspects, their qualification, experience, the time it’s going to take to train them, the hiring cost and other important things. If you neglect these critical points, you will end up repeating the hiring process. This is a loss for both you and the candidate. Interview twice if necessary. In case you can’t find a fit for the role, hire a freelancer to fill the position till you find the one.

Too Much Expectation from the New Employee

Generally, it takes at least three months to a new employee to fit in the new company and role. Recruiters expect them to keep the ground running, but expecting too much at the initial stage is not good. In the first week, you should make them familiar with the organization and the team. Make them comfortable, and let them know that you are always there to answer their questions and guide them. Let them slowly grab the work culture and understand their job roles.

There is no perfect way of hiring a candidate, but we can definitely avoid some common mistakes made by the recruiters. We have tried to give you an idea, what you should and should not do while hiring an employee. These tips will not only make your hiring process smooth but will also leave a good impression on the candidate about your organization. You can also handover your recruitment task to manpower consulting agency. They will make the search process smooth and quick. With their help and support, you can find the perfect match for your job profile.

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