Simple Hacks to Improve Your Recruitment Productivity

Simple Hacks to Improve Your Recruitment Productivity

Productivity is becoming really challenging when it comes to recruitment. With the shortage of worthy candidates and a pool of open vacancies, recruiters really need to dig out the right job seeker to fill the open position. Sometimes, even 24 hours of the day are not enough to get everything done right. Poor workflow and lack of productivity tool add another reason why the recruitment process becomes a fatigue task. However, leaders in the recruitment sector know how things should be done, they are working towards improving the recruitment process to boost productivity.

The team at 24-7 Staff understand that talking to more candidates and onboarding more clients will only benefit their manpower recruitment agency. This will lead to more placement, which will further generate more revenue. Once it was a dream for recruiters to have fewer and more qualified candidates in their loop, and the hiring manager has to spend less time in the recruitment process, but now this has become a reality with our efforts. Our team always work with the motive of closure.

Here are some proven ways and techniques to improve your recruitment productivity:

Use Existing Resource and Profiles

Instead of re-inviting the job seeker applications with every job opening, you can go through the qualified candidate who is currently lying in your applicant tracking system. Although they might not be looking for the job, they are still appropriate for the current opening. Connecting with these candidates and shortlisting from them will drastically reduce the time to hire. Latest application tracking system could help you out in sorting these candidates in order to create multiple talent pipelines.

Manage Your Workflow

You need to manage your workflow by breaking it down into small bits of activities so that you can focus on all the task without compromising with the work quality. You can split your activities based on recruitment framework. In the case of the job recruitment agency, a lot needs to be done. You need to call the potential candidate, follow up with them, coordinating with the hiring manager, calling candidates on “special” request, arranging interviews and so on. You can split the work to make it smoother and manageable.

Invest in Recruitment Tools

There are endless of tools out there which can help you finish your work in a quick and easy way. Here are the two most useful tools that you can use to ease your recruitment task and improve productivity

  1. Task Manager: Modern recruitment CRM comes equipped with task manager system, but in case your recruiting software doesn’t have the task manager, then go for a tool like Todoist.
  2. Inbox Productivity: Recruiters need to spend plenty of their time managing and checking their inbox. There are tools available that can contextually surface all your candidates’ information right inside the inbox. You can even use tools to track your emails open and schedule your emails.

Use Your Smartphone

We all spend most of our time on our Smartphone, wouldn’t it be nice to access your workflow through mobile. With the use of technology, you can access your candidate’s details on your device and act on them accordingly. This will make the recruitment process faster and boost productivity.

Measure Your Productivity

If you don’t know where you are lacking, how will you improve yourself? One of the simplest ways of enhancing your productivity is to keep track of your work. You need to know the number of activities you are doing each day. This way you can start improving a little day-by-day, and soon your productivity will reach a good number.

Avoid Toxicity

Every recruiter and recruitment company has come across a troublesome candidate or a client. Such candidates and clients consume most of your time, without much return. It’s better to stay away from them and make your recruitment process peaceful. If you meet a candidate or client, whose expectations are impossible to meet, then do not entertain them, let them pass.

An organization is as strong as its talent. The whole responsibility of the companies lies on the shoulders of the recruiters. If you want to improve your productivity and make the recruitment process easy, then you need to analyze your work process and find out which element of the hiring program are hampering the task. You can take help from the pointers explained above to avoid some common recruitment mistakes and become a more productive and successful recruiter.

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